Open Wound

Visual concept for a film

Being part of a project for several years and developing a movies visual character is a very exciting thing. You start at point zero and see where your ideas might get you. You read a script and transform the written words into the first visual characteristics that represent the idea of the film. During the process visions grow, some images become clearer or sometimes develop in a direction you did not expect. You dismiss many ideas and former approaches, new influences accrue, old ones can retrieve...

"Open Wound is a thriller about man and a woman on their way to a pool-party. When an amorous situation gets out of control, the "dans macabre" begins. Juergen R. Weber's script is about the eternal and unmerciful fight between the male and the female race. A struggle, which leads to blood, sweat and tears."

Trash is always part of the visual concept while the content tells a very intelligent, brutal and sadistic story.