Horris Film

Logo, Business Cards, Website
Coding by Helmut Hueber.
Website: Horris Film

Horris Film is an independent film production based in Berlin. Ranging from financing projects up to production and co-production of movies for cinema, TV and commercials, they offer a wide scope of services. The company is young, inventive, blushless and highly professional.

Therefore our aim was to create an accomplished mix between high class style and a hint of impudence and provocation. The sketched mouth that sticks the tongue out stands for the independent and provoking part of the company's soul. Combined with the elegant font and high quality materials we achieve the perfect mix of guttersnipe and gentleman...

The business cards consist of a solid, black cardboard, refined with a golden foil print. With a special technique the golden foil is transferred without embossing. As a result you have a very sleek, elegant surface.

The website has a very neat structure and is clearly arranged to keep the presentation of the company's showcase simple and elegant.